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Back when she was a child her towels were usually dirtier than her most of the time so the though of using one disgusted her, “I prefer to air dry,” She replied with a simple nod. “‘Twas cold…” She mumbled to his freak out to her destruction. She was sure he didn’t hear her in his haze of panic so just stood at the doorway looking pathetic…until he put the damn towel on her head! She glared at him before scruffing up her hair with it and throwing it back at him. “There, now it’s not as wet.”

Belle raised her eyebrows at Sam when he told her he got her a cheeseburger. For years she’d been watching people eat them and damn her curiosity she wanted one too! She sat down across from Sam and tentatively took a fry into between her fingers and took a small nibble. Nope. Nope, done. It was over. Before she knew it the fries and burger were gone, all that was left were crumbs and wrappers. ‘Well,’ She thought,’tha was na very proper.”

Sam shook his head. “Air drying is fine, but you at least need to dry your hair. It’s too long not to.” He laughed at the look on her face. “Relax, towels nowadays are clean. I guarentee that even after a shower that towel is still cleaner than you.”

Sam ate his salad and watched her scarf her food, an amused grin on his face. “Wow, alright then. Still hungry? We can hit another one on the way to Virginia.” He finished his salad and stood up to start packing up his stuff.

Life sucks @thesmarterbrother


She was a delicate flower. She felt weak and like even the smallest speck of dust would bruise her, but she didn’t tell Sam. He had to think she was tough shit since she bragged about being one hundreds of years ago. Oh, he just kissed her hand. Oh god. Oh…oh…ovaries.

“I’m sure, Sammers!” She called at him through the closed door. She tried on the shirt quickly to make sure she was sure and smiled when it was only a couple inches above her knees. Perfect.

Belle walked over to the shower and looked at the basic soap and shampoo Sam had out. She sniffed them and found that they were acceptable, if not a bit manly. Stripping naked, for the first time in almost three hundred years,  Belle stepped into the shower tub thing that the motel had. She knew how to use it, she just didn’t know which way was the right direction for warm water and which for cold. There were no colors like the last motel they were at. Guessing she quickly turned the water on and to the right. Holy shit it was cold!!

“Wrong way! Wrong way oh cold cold cold cold.”Belle squealed while dancing on both feet, trying to get out of the direction of the spray. After knocking things over and pulling down the shower curtain, Belle finally was able to get the water to a nice warmth, just like the springs she used to soak in as a girl. She stood under the stream for what felt like hours before she decided to wash her hair and body. It was so nice, holy cow. After stepping out she heard Sam come back from wherever and quickly put on his shirt like a dress.

She stepped out the room, soaking wet with his shirt on and smiled. “You dunna how good tha’ feels, Sammers.” She sighed, letting the cool air hit her wet flesh. She was about to lay down when the most amazingly delicous smell in the universe smacked her in the face. “What. Is. That?”

Sam was sitting at a table eating his salad when she came out. He rolled his eyes and stood. “Jesus, did they not have towels when you were last human?” He headed into the bathroom and stopped. “What the.. Belle, what the fuck happened in there?” He poked his head back out. “It looks like a tornado ripped through!” He grabbed a towel from the rack and put it on the floor where the water had collected from her showering with no curtain, grabbed another and came back out. He put it on her head, “At least dry your hair or that shirt is going to end up soaking wet.” He was trying not to focus on how sexy she looked in his shirt, soaking wet. Focus!

Sam went back to the table and opened the bag. “It’s a cheeseburger and fries. Welcome to the wonderful world of fast food. Don’t eat too many of those or you’ll kill your heart. I worry enough about the effects of fast food on Dean, I don’t need it from you too.” He sat bag in the chair and gestured for her to sit in the other one. “It’s gonna get cold and fries are nasty cold, trust me.”

Life sucks @thesmarterbrother


Belle wrinkled her nose at Sam as he swatter her hand away and pouted, “I was just testing it out…” She pet her hand softly as if it were some delicate baby bunny and glared at Sam. “I’m sensitive, I have to rebuild my shell. Careful.”

Oh….Belle loved the sound of Sam’s laughter. Especially if it was her that caused it, because then it sounded different and special just for her. Her heart fluttered lightly at him calling her honey but ignored it to nod her head quickly. She smelled dead. She needed to smell alive…and pretty. She took his shirt and sweats from him and raised her eyebrow at him playfully, “Really, Sammers? I think I could get lost in just one leg of yer pants.” She handed him back his pants as she walked into the bathroom, deciding that his shirt is long enough to be a dress for her. Belle pouted at Sam as he stopped her before she even had the chance to ask for help. True, she knew how to use it, but she was planning on bringing Sam with her. Belle called him a smart ass, stuck her tongue out at him, and promptly closed the door in his face.

Sam nodded patiently. “Yes, Bellie, you’re a delicate little flower, how could I forget?” Smart ass. But he kissed her hand. What, she hadn’t had anyone do that in centuries, he was just helping her feel things. There was nothing behind it..

Sam laughed at her comment. “Well it’s these or no pants at all.” Then she handed the pants back and his heart rate increased. “If you’re sure..” He stuck his own tongue out at her as she shut the door, laughing loudly afterwards as he walked out.

Earlier Sam and Dean had decided Dean would handle this job alone, Sam could find something near Mystic if he got the urge to hunt. So Sam and Belle were on their own for transport. Sam made his way down the street, silently glad they always stayed in shadier neighborhoods. He found a car, jimmied the lock, and hot wired it, driving off to the nearest fast food place that would be open at this time of night.

Sam came back to the hotel room with a bag of McDonald’s cheeseburgers and fries, two large cokes and one of those McDonald’s salads for himself. “Belle, you done in there yet? If you want to wear something other than my shirt the sooner you eat the sooner we can get on the road to Leo’s.”

Life sucks @thesmarterbrother


Belle froze at Sams touch and looked up at him in shock. He had just kissed her forhead and now she felt that weird fuzz in her stomach, and her face was starting to feel really hot. She lifted her hand to her cheek, finally feeling her own skin, and touched it to see if it felt hot. It didn’t. Her hand left her face soon after, only to find it’s self on Sams. His face wasn’t as smooth as hers, not that she expected it to be, and it was very…hard. The hand left his cheek and moved too his nose before pulling on it. She didn’t pull very hard seeing as she was feeling so weak and seemed to have little to no strength. None the less she was in shock.

She was human, she could feel him. She could smell him…actually “Sam, you smell really bad” Belle wrinkled her nose as she said it and then sniffed down towards herself, “Er…maybe tha’s me?” She hadn’t had a shower in almost three hundred years after all. She lifted her dirty shirt from her chest and sniffed it. Ew. Okay, it was her. “I think I need a shower….” Her stomach rumbled, “And food.”

Sam smiled as she touched his face. He’d been wondering how long that would take. His cheeks dimpled and his eyebrow raised as she touched his nose. He laughed and swatted her hand away when she pulled it. “Seriously? Pulling my nose?” He shook his head.

Sam laughed again when she said he smelled. He knew for a fact that he didn’t. He smelled like soap and man and faintly of cologne. Basically he smelled amazing. “Honey, I think-” She finished what he was going to say. “Yeah, it’s you.” He grabbed her by the shoulders, turned her and marched her to the bathroom, grabbing one of his plaid button up shirts and a pair of his sweats. “Here. You go shower and I’ll go get you some food. Then we’ll drive to Mystic Falls and Leo can take you shopping. Sound good?” He grinned. “And don’t even try to say you don’t know how to work the shower, you’ve watched me do it enough, I’m betting you’ve got it figured out.” He winked.

Life sucks @thesmarterbrother


Belle watched in amusement at Sams focused face. He always had the same one when he was really into something or was researching a new hunt. She felt a weird fuzzy feeling in her stomach that she found really odd but decided to ignore it, probably just some angel trick. She rolled her eyes as he held his finger up at her but leaned slightly on her hip while crossing her arms in amusement. He was too adorable.

She wrinkled her nose at his questions, she could never hide things from him, and shook her head. “It’s nothing, it’s stupid” Which was true, or so she thought when he suddenly bumped into her. She felt it. She felt that. She felt HIM! She mimicked his shock face as he poked her shoulder and let out a quiet squeak. She took in her surroundings and realized that she had walked the whole way, had touched nothing, had FEELINGS, and was breathing. She was breathing air into her lungs! In and out and in and ou-too much breathing, she started to feel dizzy. She closed her eyes for a moment and grabbed a hold of Sam’s arm to keep her steady. She ignored the jolt of excitement at how muscular and hard his arms were, save that for later, and tried to steady her breathing down. Once it seamed under control Belle let out a loud, obnoxious, high pitched squeal and started to bounce around, only to bounce into Sams arms. “I’M HUMAN!!!”

Sam’s arms shot out, hands on her hips, when she swayed. He bent to look at her. “Hey, slow your breathing down, in through your nose, it’ll help.” He moved one hand up to her chin, calloused fingers brushing her gently. He grinned. “That’s so cool.” And then she was jumping around until she landed in his arms. Automatically he wrapped his arms around her, hugging her and laughing into her hair. “You’re human!” He spun her around and kissed her forehead. “This is awesome, Bellie.” He smiled down at her. He was happy for her, really, but Sam was a very good actor, he was extremely worried. What had she done to get this wish? But he didn’t want to spoil it for her yet. Let her have her moment first.

Life sucks @thesmarterbrother


Belle was so upset with the angel deal that she walked back to the motel, muttering swears and curses at him along the way. She figured if she kept up he’d appear again, or at least smite her. Something to show that she wasn’t going insane. “That was stupid,” Belle thought, “Like I actually expected it to work.” Belle was about to continue with her mind rants when she got to the motel. She walked over to the room Sam was staying in and walked in through the open door. She looked around and noticed him sitting at the table looking at his laptop, he was so cute and nerdy. “Hey Sammers, did I miss anything?” She asked, trying to not show the frustration in her voice.

Sam didn’t even look up, he was doing some last minute research before they all headed for Virginia to hunt a succubus. This was a new one for them. They’d gone after a siren before, but succubi were different. After having his eyes opened about the supernatural by Bekah, Kol, Belle and Leo, he’s been seeing shades of grey more than ever. Leo’s the one who told Sam about succubi, how most of them try not to kill their.. conquests. But this one in Virginia seems to delight in killing her meals. So Sam was brushing up on ways to kill them, because he really didn’t want to ask Leo. She was on the fence about him enough as it was.

Sam held up a finger to Belle, indicating he was almost done. He closed his laptop a minute later and stood, stretching. God damn he was huge!! “Hey Bellie, where have you been?” He frowned, she couldn’t hide things from him. “What’s wrong?” He walked over to her. “What happened?” He went to walk to the dresser to grab a bottle of water in his bag. Normally, since she wasn’t solid, when he brushed her shoulder he just went through her. This time, he bumped her shoulder, and hit something solid! Sam’s eyes widened. “Belle..” He reached a finger out and poked her in the shoulder. “Oh my God, Bellie!” He grinned. “What did you do?”


“Well…Leo,” She sniffed sadly, still looking down at her feet, “Leo said that you were really attached too it and made it seem like you would.” Belle looked up at him then and noticed the grin on his face. Relief washed through her and she wanted nothing more than to jump in his arms and kiss his cheek while apologizing. Obviously she couldn’t. “Sorry again, Sammers” She said, much more cheerfully, “Dean can answer to me!” She then took her place next to him and started to skip, trying really hard not to show her excitement at his hidden gesture.

“Actually…”She paused halfway back to the Motel, “I have somewhere to be so I will…bug ya later.” She then lifted her hand to his face, trying to feel him, before disappearing.

Sam grinned. “I think Leo was probably trying to save you from my wrath. She knows how much I need my phone and probably figured out how angry I’d be.” He waved a hand. “No worries, really. Just.. don’t do it again. Ask Leo to buy you your own, I’ll make sure keep it with me when you’re.. wherever you are when you’re not around.”

Sam frowned but shrugged. “Ok, just remember we’re leaving town tomorrow. Dean found a case in Virginia again. You might be able to visit Leo if we get close enough to Mystic Falls. If not I can take a few days off and go stay there.” As Belle disappeared Sam headed home with a lazy salute to the air she had previously occupied.


“I only wanted to check it out,”She pouted, looking perfectly ashamed. She realized she had done wrong the second she landed on her ass, but come on! Technology! “I wasn’t going to call anyone or answer it or anything. I just wanted to show Leo my new texting skills I learned on Googles.” She looked even more shameful when he mentioned her going too far with the name changes and started to dig her toe into the dirt, sort of. It mostly just went into the ground but the effect was still clear. “Pinky is Dean because he’s short and Leo is boobs….”She took his phone from him at that instant and quickly changed everyone back to who they were. She then handed it back to him and looked up at him through her lashes and gave him the best puppy dog pout she could muster. Honestly, she did feel bad, but she really didn’t want to get chopped by an iron axe. Those hurt worse than rock salt! “‘M sorry, Sammers.”

Sam sighed as she put the names back, trying really hard not to fall for the sad little girl routine. He shook his head. “Do you really think I’d actually hit you with an axe? Come on, you know me better than that, Bellie.” He grinned. “It was just the best way to get you to put them back. Come on, let’s go back to the hotel.” He started to hold out his hand but remembered how much she had to concentrate to hold things and let his hand fall back down. I wonder what her skin feels like. Whoa.. where did that come from. Sam rubbed his head sheepishly. “Uhh, we should go, Dean will be wondering where I am.”


Belle was in the middle of texting Leo about how amazing and muscular and ripple-y Sams arms were when she realized the tree was falling. She lost control of the text and landed on her butt. Crap. She was on the ground. Next to Sam. Who has an axe. A big iron axe….of terror.

“Oh…” She squeaks, backing away slowly after he took the cell from her. She saw him send a quick text back to Leo and oh he was looking at her, “Heeyyyy Sam. What’cha got there?”

Sam rested the axe on his shoulder and looked down at his phone. “Who the hell is Pinky… did you change all the names in my phone?!” He walked towards her, glaring. “Belle, honey, I don’t mind when you use my laptop, I don’t even mind if you borrow my phone as long as you tell me, I was going crazy trying to find it. Pretty much everyone in there are hunters. I thought I’d lost it, do you know what would happen if someone picked up that phone? There’s so much stuff that could get people in trouble. People I care about.” He shook his head. “But changing the names is too far.” He held the phone out. “Change them back to the proper names.” He dropped the axe and ran a hand through his hair. “If you change them back now I won’t chuck that iron axe at your head.” Apparently Sam was properly mad. Don’t fuck with a man’s phone.

A message from bangbang-goes-the-gunn

1. First impression: Kill it with salt and fire
2. Truth is: You’ve grown on me, Ghost Girl. Big time.
3. How old do you look: 19 or 20
4. Have you ever made me laugh: Yes
5. Have you ever made me mad: Yes. Stop watching me shower!
6. Best feature: Toss up between your hair and your smile
7. Have I ever had a crush on you: Yes No
8. You’re my: Best friend
9. Name in my phone: Not in there but if you were it’d be Bellie or Ghost Girl
10. Should you post this too? You already did.