Home again || Open

Selena had decided that one of the best ways to keep Sam Sam was for him to start hunting again. Leo had agreed and Connor had given him a lead, and off he’d gone, with Selena in tow to help. Leo and Connor had decided to head to Ireland yet again. They’d all been gone for more than a month. Now Sam and Selena were back and Sam was wandering the streets of Mystic Falls, not really having a destination in mind. He was just happy to be home.

Home again || Open

Selena had decided that one of the best ways to keep Sam Sam was for him to start hunting again. Leo had agreed and Connor had given him a lead, and off he’d gone, with Selena in tow to help. Leo and Connor had decided to head to Ireland yet again. They’d all been gone for more than a month. Now Sam and Selena were back and Sam was wandering the streets of Mystic Falls, not really having a destination in mind. He was just happy to be home.

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She wasn’t really expecting him to bring that up but back than it surprised her his reaction, he seemed all cool with it when she was expecting him to scream at her and things like this to happen. She didn’t say anything she just listened knowing that what he was telling was right.

“Oh I am sorry for trying to tell you the truth and show you that you were important to me because I didn’t wanna loose you when you found out about it from someone else is that what you wanted to hear? I met him first what exactly did you want me to do?….I never said I didn’t loved him…never but past is past and why didn’t you say anything? Now seriously if you had a problem with it you should have said something not just leave like a coward, but you Winchester brothers that’s what you all do don’t you? When things gets complicated you just run away. I was worried sick and if it wasn’t for Leo I bet I would have find out that you were dead from a news paper or something like that.”

She tried to keep her tone down but it was impossible she could understand why he did what he did but everyone she every cared about was disappointing her or leaving her behind without saying a thing, she was tired of geting hurt, it was pissing her off… “You know what Sam Winchester? fuc…” and she stopped because Sam droped the bomb. When she said the L word she just didn’t know what to say or how to react. “What did you say?” Rebekah finally managed to say it, she just wanted to make sure she didn’t missunderstand.

Sam growled and moved the phone to the other hand and ear. “I told you, I didn’t say anything because I didn’t want to be the jealous prick. I have no right to get mad at you for it, so I needed time to wrap my head around it.” He sighed as she kept yelling at him. But he lost it when she grouped him with Dean and said he’d run away. “I am not my brother, Rebekah, do you understand me? I didn’t run away, I got busy and I needed time. I’m a hunter, it’s fucking hard to get a minute to text or call people. The only reason Leo knows anything is because her niece was a ghost attached to me, she kept her updated.” He sighed. “Never mind, that’s too complicated to get into.” He gripped the counter, trying to keep from breaking his phone. “Look, I shouldn’t have left you hanging like that, why do you think I’m apologizing?”

When she said his name after his spiel he nodded, knowing what was coming and ready to say it right back to her. But then she asked what he said and he had to think for a minute. When he realized what he said he closed his eyes and sighed, smiling just a bit. Of course she’d caught that. He paused before answering and shifted his weight. “I said I’m falling in love with you, Bekah.” He shook his head. “You drive me crazy and piss me off, but yeah, I’m pretty sure I’m falling for your crazy ass.” How romantic.



~Happy face, always remember to smile.~

Grouchy pole dancers do not a profit make. Eyeing the tall male, the teen forced a smile on her lips which may or may not be aided by alcohol at the moment. “Welcome to Shimmer. S’nice to meet’cha yaddah yaddah yaddah, I assume you have a general idea of how shit works in joints like this?”

Sam was just considering walking back out, unhappy with Selena’s plan to find a stripper to drink from because, according to her, strip clubs were great hunting grounds, when he was approached. The girl sounded so bored and unhappy Sam couldn’t help but chuckle a little.

"You sound like you really wanna be here." He nodded. "Ya, I know the drill. Look don’t touch, make sure you got money and don’t harass the girls. The amount of times I’ve had to drag my brother out of one of these places.." He took a breath through his mouth, because through his nose would have caused his fangs to descend with all the warm, blood-filled bodies packed in here. He decided then that Selena wasn’t very good at the teacher thing.


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[text] On my way.

[text]: naked?

[text] Duh.


[text]: that sounds tempting but I amnot sure I should take advantage of you right now.

[text]: tell her to stop or I’ll cut her…

[text]: I’ll cut you too if you let her…

[text] no shhh come take advantage

[text] she says you’re a party pooper

[text] i told you i wouldn’t unless you were there

[text] oh shit can vampires get hungover?

[text] christ i hope not or i’m gonna hurt tomorrow

[text] why can i not figure this phone out?!

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[text]: Sam who let you in the wine cellar?

[text] selena

[text] crap now i can’t get the caps on

[text] i hate this phone bekah

[text] don’t worry leo’s here too

[text] holy shit can she drink

[text] she keeps telling me to get naked

[text] if you come over i’ll get naked for you

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“Sam…” That’s the only thing she said for a few seconds, her instincts were telling her to actually start yelling but hearing his voice made her being a bit afraid that id she was he might never hear it again. “Serously how I am?” Even right now she couldn’t stop being her usual sarcastic way but when she wanted to say a bitchy comment she heard the fact that he was not going to die, her lips curved into a little smile…he didn’t call to tell her goodbye but than why did he call? “I am glad to hear that I have to no longer bring you flowers to your grave yard but I don’t buy the other lies…especially the one that hass a miss you and I wanted to call you on it because you see Winchester my phone actually forgot it had this number since no one really called from it. Did the evil queen took it and never let you call or you just deleted my number?” She couldn’t hide the fact that she was bothered by him never contacting her again, for disappearing, after all in her mind both Winchester did the same thing, when they started to feel something they run away. “You know what? Actually I don’t even care because the whole I was busy thing is not enough Sam…”

Sam had known this was coming and yet it still pissed him off. He pinched the bridge of his nose and tried to keep calm. “I don’t know what you want me to say, Bekah, I was fucking busy.” If he wasn’t trying to deal with the heightened emotions he probably wouldn’t be using such a dangerous tone with an Original, even one he had mutual feelings for. “My job keeps me busy, you know that. I have to keep my head in the job or risk getting ripped to shreds. And I’m hunting by myself now, God knows where Dean is.” He paused, his own mention of his brother to her pissing him off. “Besides, after you told me about you fucking my brother.. I had a bit of an issue with that.” He kept talking before she could respond to that bit. “Yeah, I know, I said I didn’t, I lied. I didn’t want to be the jealous prick. But how could I not have an issue with it, Bekah? You were in love with him. And don’t deny it, either. Somehow Selena knew and man that girl cannot keep a secret to save her life.” He paused and shook his head, the anger still building. “So sue me if I needed time to wrap my head around the fact that the girl I’m falling in love with loved my brother first. Kinda makes you feel like a rebound or some kind of twisted revenge.” He stopped talking again, trying to calm down after that outburst. He didn’t even realize he’d confessed he was falling in love with her!

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After sending that Voicemail Rebekah had second thoughts especially because she really believed it was non of her business what he was doing with his life but as much as she was trying to deny the fact that Sam was still stuck in her head and even in her heart she really cared about the hunter and it was really hurting the thought of never seeing him again. Although they grew apart in the past months she always wanted to believe sometimes she was thinking at her too.

The blonde started wondering around the house leaving her phone on her room and dancing around the house, the music was helping her not think of how screwed her life became lately. Even the music was loud she can still hear when her phone rang, she ran over there using her vampire speed thinking it was any other person but him. When she sow who was calling she just stood there not knowing what to do. She wanted to hear his voice again so much but Rebekah knew why he was calling, to say goodbye and she was just getting used to not have him in her life, hearing his voice again would only make things worse when she was going to loose him for ever, she wasn’t ready for that.

She took another deep breath and finally answered without saying anything for a few seconds. “Hi…” she finally said, actually it was moreof a whispear.

Sam leaned against the counter and was just pulling the phone away to hang up when she answered. The sound of her voice made him smile. “Bekah.. hey.” He paused to run a hand through his hair and collect his thoughts. “How.. how are you?” He rolled his eyes. Seriously? That was the best he could come up with? “I’m sorry I haven’t called in a while. I.. it’s sounds like an excuse, but I was busy.” He paused again, smiling. “I missed you.” He sounded sincere. “So many times I thought about calling you.. I’m sorry I didn’t.” He stopped and shuffled his feet, waiting for her to yell. He could hear her breathing. Wait, he could hear her breathing. Whoops. “I uh.. went through with the change.. by the way.” Dumbass.

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Sam was locked in Selena’s room, checking messages and making phone calls. Last phone calls. Selena was pounding on the door, begging him to change his mind. She could easily have broken the door down, but as much as she didn’t want him to die, she wasn’t going to force him to make the change. He grimaced as he took a breath, it felt like knives in his chest. He finished the message to his brother, the last phone call he was going to make and realized he had one more message. He keyed in his code and put the phone to his ear, using all his strength to keep the phone steady. His eyes slid closed. “Shit..”

Sam hadn’t planned to call her. He wanted to.. so bad. But he didn’t want to hurt her. Better for her to think he’d left, gotten busy, been killed on a hunt than refusing to go through with it. Become a vampire. Become like her. But the sadness in her voice. She was right. Everything she said rang true and he knew it. He was refusing this because he was scared. He knew himself, he knew this was going to be hard. And he was tired. He been fighting his whole life and he was tired. Better to go this way than bloody, ripped to shreds by some monster of the week. But it wasn’t him. Winchesters didn’t die like this, giving up.

Selena took a step back as the door unlocked and opened. She looked up at him. “Sam?" He nodded slowly and she disappeared, only to be back in the next heartbeat with a blood bag. He took it from her and watched her walk away. She knew he wouldn’t want someone around for this.

20 minutes later

Sam was flexing his fingers as the phone rang. “Come on, Bekah, pick up the fucking phone.” He took a deep breath and chuckled softly. He could smell everything. He waved as Selena left with her mother to get more blood bags. He was starting to think she was never going to answer.